Envision Grad Co-Chairs at Youth Summit

Envision Grad Philip Park found himself at the heart of the policy making process as the co-chair of a policy discussion with Tim Loughton, Minister for Children and Young People, at the government's Youth Summit on 9th March.

Philip, 19, was invited to take part in the Youth Summit following Envision's work with the Department for Education inputting into the brief for the round table policy discussion 'Young People Making a Difference'. 

Envision Grad, Philip Park with Minister for Children and Young People, Tim LoughtonAs a result, Envision was asked if we could nominate a young person who could make a short presentation about what that means to young people.  A simple task, given that we now have a graduate network of thousands of young people who want to make their opinions heard, thanks to the generous support from the Co-operative Foundation. Phillip was a great ambassador for young people.

I never thought I'd be sitting up there with the Minister chairing at a national conference.  Apparently it’s the first time that young people, business and youth organisations have been brought together like this.  It was interesting to have so many different perspectives and it was great to have my say.

Speaking at the event Tim Loughton said, “Today is about how we can help young people become responsible citizens, who will themselves be able and willing to serve others in their community, and in turn to get the respect of society and communities that too often has been lacking.”

“It’s also about how we can restore the trust that over the years seems to have eroded between generations. So we want to look at how we counter the negative images of young people that have become so prevalent, and that are so far from the truth of the vast majority of our teenagers. And how we can make the detractors, who generalise so sweepingly about Britain’s youth, eat their words.”