Envision earns when you spend

Envision has been selected as a cause for The Co-op's Local Community Fund! This means that for a whole year (until 24th October 2020), shoppers who sign up as a Co-op member, which costs just £1, will be able to choose a cause to donate 1% of their spend to. This means that every single time you buy selected Co-op branded products (and some services including funeral care) you can donate to Envision, helping us level the playing field for less advantaged young people in inner-city areas in London, Birmingham and Bristol.

It's easy to do, simply click on www.coop.co.uk/membership to sign up and don't forget to select Envision as your chosen cause - our profile page can be found here. The site only allows you to search for charities local to you (up to 15 miles away) however you can still support us from anywhere in the country! Once signed in, either go straight to https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/38162 and choose Envision or instead, copy /causes/38162 into the end of the web address (removing /dashboard from the end of the Co-op URL). This will take you to Envision's profile page whilst keeping you signed into your account. Then you simply choose us as your cause and get shopping! Alternatively, you can do it over the phone by calling 0800 0686 727. As a Co-op member you also get other benefits including 5% back on certain Co-op products and services and a share in Co-op's profits when they do well. 

This has the potential to not only generate lots of income for Envision but to also raise more awareness about our brilliant cause, so please help us by spreading the word - telling family and friends about the scheme, getting them registered as members and helping them to select to donate their 1% to Envision. We'll keep you posted on how we're doing throughout the year. Thank you!