Envision Ambassadors spread festive cheer

Twas a week before Christmas, and all through Bristol town, 
People rushing and pushing, just wearing a frown. 
Standing in Cabot centre, spreading festive cheer,
Giving free mince pies , chocolates and smiles from ear to ear
Envision Grads worked hard to promote social action now,
‘Please take a pie and Christmas card to find out how!’
Checking on a lonely neighbour, or donating cans of beans,
Or visit Bristol harbourside who will replant your tree.
Maybe it will change the way you see others and view
Young people in your community, let’s see what they CAN do!


Here in Bristol Envision allumni are keen to keep involved with us.  A week before Christmas they joined forces to spread the Envision message at Cabot Circus.   The popular shopping centre was heaving with shoppers and families who were greeted by young people offering them trays of tasty mince pies and customised Christmas cards with a message of 5 social action ideas-


·         Donate your old Christmas tree to Bristol harbourside here

·         Check on your neighbours incase they are lonely

·         Donate your unwanted Christmas presents to your local charity shop

·         Smile at a stranger to spread festive cheer

·         Think of others less fortunate and donate spare cans to your local food bank