Encouraging interaction with wildlife

Students create a butterfly and wildlife garden at Water Orton Primary School

Envision team Here We Grow, from King Edward's Camp Hill Girls, have braved the cold weather conditions two weekends in a row to ensure the successful creation of their wildlife garden at Water Orton Primary School. 

The team began their project last year inspired by their passion to encourage a younger generation to learn about their environment, and enjoy the benefits of outdoor space. The team were spurred into action by their fond memories of the butterfly garden at their old primary school which they discovered was no longer in use due to lack of maintenance.

The team decided to make it their mission to revive the garden to it's former glory and to inspire and encourage pupils to play an active role in wildlife conservation - the same way the garden had inspired them.

Working in partnership with a local landscape gardener, the girls designed a garden to attract a variety of wildlife that bring benefits to our environment. In order to fund their venture they organised an 8 mile sponsored walk around Sutton Park and raised over £220. They also applied for a £300 02 Think Big grant and secured additional funding from Water Orton Parish Council, the local Church and Water Orton Charity Commission.

This week they completed the garden and are now looking forward to seeing it come into full bloom later in the Spring. As well as planting wildlife-friendly plants the team have also installed several 'bug boxes' to help attract insects necessary to sustain the micro eco-system.

For the second phase of their project, the students are returning to the school to run workshops with the primary school pupils that will explain how the garden works as well as equipping them with some of the gardening skills needed to ensure it is sustained.