Cycling community gathers momentum

The second Envision Tri-City Cycling Challenge (TCCC) took place this year and to date we have raised over £220,000! We’re absolutely thrilled with the success we’ve achieved so far. Thirty cyclists dedicate three days in the saddle to cycle between our three regions, Bristol, Birmingham and London. Friendships are forged, and memories made along the way.

Aside from this, one of the best things to come out of the TCCC are the long-term relationships that our cyclists have helped us to cultivate. John Charlton-Jones, a participant in the inaugural 2017 ride is a shining example of this. John introduced Envision to his company, CLSA, and their Chairman’s Trust which provides global support to disadvantaged people. Envision’s aims and mission align perfectly with the Chairman’s Trust and as a result we have received support from them for our next programme year. A huge thank you to John for the introduction!

Martin Harrison, from this year’s ride, kindly introduced us to his company and as a result, a group of mentors from Inmarsat will be working with Sydenham School on our Key Stage 4 programme this year. Martin has also kindly agreed to step inside the ‘Dragon’s Den’ at our Key Stage 5 Pitching Challenge and offer 16-17-year olds advice and feedback on their project ideas, as well as reward them funding to make their projects a reality.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to sign up to the 2019 Tri-City Cycling Challenge, please click here for more details.