Continuous improvement

Over the summer we’ve been reflecting on our achievements and setting goals for continuous improvement for the year ahead.

Last year we increased the number of participants on our core programmes by 20% to 1,300. 

We smashed our primary goal to improve the attendance of each individual.
• 656 young people ‘completed’ the key stage four programme (attending at least 12 sessions including events and at least four business mentoring sessions), 10% above target and up a third on last year.
• 336 young people ‘completed’ the senior programme (attending at least 20 sessions including events and at least four employer workshops) up over 10% on last year. 

These increases were achieved on the same resource base as last year and demonstrate how we are making even better use of the resources our donors and partners provide us with.

Next year we want to retain this level of participation and shift our focuto increasing impact for individuals.

In 2017-18 we worked with the Behavioural Insights Team and the Education Endowment Foundation s to identify robust metrics to assess developments in these attributes for our new key stage four programme.  Last year we extended the use of the selected scales to our key stage five programme.  By comparing base line and end point results on both programmes we found that:

• 70% of participants demonstrated an improvement in their self-efficacy comparing the baseline and endpoint scores using the General Self Efficacy Scale.
• 77% of participants demonstrated an improvement in their social confidence using the Self Perceived Communication Competence Scale

Our goal for 2019-20 is to drive up these results so that at least 90% of young people improve their confidence levels.

We will also be enhancing the way we assess development of our core skills (grit, creativity, teamworking and communication) through a new partnership with Skills Builder.  We will establish a baseline for future improvement using the employability skills survey used by the Careers and Enterprise Company. This means we will be able to contribute to a national data set to identify what works.