Community leaders impressed by young people's ideas

As part of the Rep-Present Challenge, Community-Apprentice students from the London boroughs of Hackney and Camden presented their project ideas to local community leaders, including the Speaker (pictured, centre) and Deputy Mayor of Hackney Council.  

Students explained to local leaders that they had developed their ideas after going out in to their local communities to ask local people what issues concern them most.

It’s the second time I have come to Envision and I have been impressed by the young people and the confidence that they have in talking about issues that matter to them and trying to think of ways of making a positive difference in their community.

Deputy Mayor of Hackney, Councillor Sophie Linden

Envision has been developing Community-Apprentice challenges in London, with support from Paul Hamlyn to support young people to develop their communication skills.  In the Rep-Present Challenge young people were required to speak to an audience that they are unfamiliar with and consider their points of view to engage their interest.

Before doing the presentation, I felt quite shy and nervous but me and my friends planned it together and supported each other.

Nattanon Amonrattanasereegul, 16, Haverstock School

Each team began by outlining the issue they have chosen to address and why they feel it is important within the community, before elaborating on their goals and how they intend to achieve them. They received feedback on their plans and also had the opportunity to grill the community leaders about their own work.

Drawing on the advice they received, the students are now starting to put their projects into action in their communities.

Cllr Mason knew what we were doing was important and supported us because she’s also there dealing with the problem of poverty in Camden. She was really helpful and gave us loads of feedback so we know where we can go from here.

Asma Ali, 17, Camden School for Girls

I was struck by their compassion and I thought they approached the project in a systematic way. It’s very nice to see values of social justice expressed in an innovative project like this and one which I hope will create more links with the local community.

Councillor Angela Mason