Community-Apprentice benefits proven in Cabinet Office control trial

The benefits of completing Community-Apprentice were proven recently when the programme was subjected to a rigorous randomised control trial commissioned by the Cabinet Office. 

Conducted by the Behavioural Insights Team, the trial provides “compelling and robust evidence that young people who take part in Community-Apprentice develop some of the most critical skills for employment and adulthood”. Click here to read the report. 

Students that had participated in the programme showed a statistically significant improvement on every metric tested compared to their counterparts in a rigorously selected control group as follows:

Our Chief Executive, Jennie Butterworth commented:

“We believe in power of social action to develop young people because we see it happening, first hand, on a daily basis for hundreds of young people in schools across the country.  But having this independent research will, we hope, convince others to help organisations like us to enable many more young people to experience the benefits.”

She added:

“But this isn’t just about quantity.  There is also a story here about quality.  Our programme is rooted in six quality principles which have been identified to underpin effective youth social action, particularly the use of adult guided reflection to ‘land the learning’ which we don’t believe should be left to chance.  These principles can be applied across programmes and this research suggests that this is what funders should be basing their decisions on”.

Click here to read the full report.