Birmingham 2016/17 Pitching Challenge

Over 300 young people are ready to start tackling self-identified social issues after being awarded funds from the 2nd challenge in the Community-Apprentice competition.


At the end of 2016, KPMG and the University of Birmingham hosted the Pitching Challenge which saw 278 young people present their project ideas to Birmingham based business leaders. As well as being awarded up to £100, each team was offered advice and guidance from the panellists, made up of 15 individuals from a range of organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, Public Health Birmingham and Highways England.



Panelist Steve Norgrove, Group Business Improvement Director at GKN, commented,

Having gone through the event I can only say that myself and fellow “dragons” on our panel were absolutely blown away by the pitches that were presented to us. Both in terms of what the students are trying to achieve and the way they  presented their ideas, all of the young people involved were truly inspirational. They really do want to make a difference.

This challenge is designed to test and develop young people’s communication skills, one of the key competencies focused on throughout the Community-Apprentice competition. In the lead up to the Pitching event the teams were supported by Business Mentors from local businesses to improve their presentation skills, public speaking and grow their confidence. 

Across the 2 events nearly £2,500 was awarded to the teams who took part, enabling them to enter the next stage of the competition and put their carefully made plans into action.