Assistant Coach support

How we support our Assistant Coaches 

We value our volunteers very much.  Your support has enabled us to deliver further and wider with every academic year and the feedback we get means we can keep on offering the best training and support to future volunteers.

It’s important that you feel fully equipped and confident to be a great team mentor so that your experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

We’ve been doing this for 12 years and have lots of experience we want to share with you. We’ve also developed quite a comprehensive package of support to make sure you have a really enjoyable and productive time mentoring.

Skill-builder training

To get you ready for your school team, we organise skill-builder events where you’ll learn the best facilitation techniques and top skills for mentoring. We’ve got lots of experience we want to share with you and tons of tips to make your mentoring sessions really fly.

Tools, tips and tricks

We’ve taken the best of everything we’ve learned over 12 years and put together a toolkit to help you in your mentor sessions. It includes everything you need to be a top facilitator from icebreakers and exercises to games and team-builders.

Session planning

And we’ve also put together a handy planner to help your team reach those key milestones.

Buddying up

We aim to match two Assistant Coaches to every school team although it’s not always possible in some hard to reach areas. Together you can support each other and bring your collective experience to the team.

Envision Coordinator

And of course there’s your amazing Envision Coordinator who’ll be there to give advice, support and an extra pair of hands.

Socials and skills sessions

One of the most popular parts of our volunteer role are the ‘socials’. We hold them every term and it’s an opportunity to catch up with all the other mentors and Envision staff and exchange stories; the good, the bad and the funny! We often include a few top-up skill sessions and reflection sessions for trouble-shooting any problems.