Why us?

  • We offer a proven model – hard evidence gained through a randomised control trail demonstrates that we deliver outcomes for young people. 

  • We know what we are doing, because we’ve been doing it for a long time – 15 years to be precise. In that time we've worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of young people.

  • Our expertise is nationally recognised: for example, we have won an award for best education project from the National Lottery and our work has been highlighted as an example of best practice in recent reports by OFSTED and the Department for Education.  We are recognised for our expertise in character education, for example our CEO is interviewed in this documentary on the subject:




  • We have a critical-mass of participating schools in the cities where we operate to make an inter-school compeition work really well.

  • We have a local infrastructure, but are big enough to ensure that this is supported by specialist national staff managing quality issues such as risk assessments and safeguarding.

  • We have a well developed network of community groups and adult volunteers who support our projects.

  • Our model is like Teach First in that the programme is delivered by recent graduates, who give us a service year before pursuing their main career.  They bring an infectious energy to the programme and make inspiring role models.

  • Because we know how to make learning relevant and fun, we have a proven track record in engaging young people who are generally not attracted to formal volunteering.  Two thirds of participants come from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds and last year 75% came from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • We keep up to date with education policy and our programme clearly dovetails with both character education and DfE careers guidance.