Why Us?

We have been trusted for over 20 years and in that time over 100 forward thinking companies have signed up to make a difference to the lives of these young people.

  • We offer a proven model (backed by a randomised control trial) so you know that you will be investing in a programme that will produce outcomes for young people and society.

  • We know what we are doing, because we’ve been doing it for a long time – 20 years to be precise. In that time we've worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of young people.

  • We have a well established network of schools and a waiting list of many more.  We have the flexibility to work with schools where you may already have a partnership.

  • We have a local infrastructure, but are big enough to ensure that this is supported by specialist national staff managing quality issues such as risk assessments and safeguarding.

  • We have a track record of working with a wide range of companies from global corporations to local firms.  Some of our partnerships have lasted for seven years because we deliver on what we say we do, value our partners and have high standards of account management.


  • We are experts in education business partnerships and through experience know the best ways to enable your employees to make a difference for young people.

  • Community-Apprentice is an engaging brand and through association communicates your commitment to young people’s development and your community.

  • Best of all we attract great young people committed to making the world a better place. Their refreshing idealism inspires everyone they work with!

  • Supported by companies like: