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Over the last three years working with Envision has been nothing but a pleasure - as a business mentor I have found the experience both enlightening and rewarding and have felt privileged to work with such a progressive organisation. Without doubt, a business mentor’s role is an incredible opportunity provide young people with an insight into the world of work that awaits them. 

Working with the young people and helping them to shape their skills outside of the classroom has also been an extremely rewarding on a personal level. In particular, it is fantastic to see the level of engagement in mentoring sessions as they take on advice which will help them to develop skills that they can utilise throughout the programme and their future. A great example of this was the pitching challenge! The pitching challenge (a challenge that allows the young people to present their ideas on a topic of a choice to a “dragons den-style” panel) is a fantastic way to observe the growth of the young people from the beginning to the end of the programme. It goes without saying that the event allows the young people to illustrate their teamwork, communication and presenting skills – as a mentor, you feel a true sense of accomplishment when the presentation is over and you are thanked for the hard work you have given throughout the course of the programme – it is truly a rewarding experience for all!

Rosie, McDermott Will and Emery