Corporate partnerships

There are many reasons why companies partner us.  For some it’s a desire to do get their staff involved with a local school, for others it’s a proven way to fulfil a CSR commitment to enhance the employability of young people.  It may also be part of a wider HR initiative to promote diversity or social mobility and access to the professions.

Whilst several companies choose to just support us financially, many also want to enable their employees to get directly involved in supporting young people.  We have a range of tried and tested ways to enable staff of varying levels of seniority and availability to do this.

Because mentoring sessions happen in the workplace, the partnership is visible to the wider workforce.  We also provide poster updates and intranet copy to ensure everyone is aware of the impact of the partnership.

Several of our partners recognise that coming from a more disadvantaged background can make young people more hungry and driven. They are keen to identify these individuals and attract them into their own workforce, often as part of a diversity strategy.  Our graduates are particularly appealing because they have developed competencies valued in the workplace.

By partnering with us you can also be seen to be making a contribution through association with the Community-Apprentice brand. For example, as a school partner you can advertise your commitment through the strap line – ‘we’re supporting 20 community-apprentices in 2016’ on anything from an e-mail footer to a banner in your reception.  The format of the competition means that there are also networking opportunites with local opinion formers and politicians.