Employee volunteering

We have developed a range of volunteering opportunities for employees to support their partner school, which suit differing levels of availability and commitment.  It is not essential that you supply volunteers to fill all these opportunities: we have a waiting list for volunteering opportunities, but we always ensure that we give our partners the first option! 

Mentoring opportunites

This opportunity enables a small number of committed volunteers to support a team of young people throughout their project.  We have designed four sessions which enable volunteers to add value at key points in the ten-month process.  

Sessions generally take place after school, i.e. towards the end of the working day and we bring young people to your workplace. We organise all the logistics and permissions with the school.  All volunteers need to do is to step away from their desks.  

One-off volunteering opportunities for senior employees

  • An opportunity to be a ‘dragon’ for our Dragon’s Den style pitching challenge, at which teams present their project plans and pitch for a grant to support their activity.

  • A ‘Karen or Claude’ (role-playing advisors to our ‘Lord Sugar’) to choose the finalists to go through to the final boardroom.

Both these opportunities last for just two hours and are restricted to senior level staff to add weight to the occasion for young people.  IT also ensure that events become a networking opportunity for adult volunteers.

One-off team volunteering opportunities

Several events, over the course of a fortnight in May, each one for up to 50 volunteers lasting for half a day.

Through open questioning and active listening, volunteers tease out examples of competencies young people have demonstrated during their projects and write these up in the style of a professional reference which we verify.