A little bit about us

Our little team (supported by hundreds of committed volunteers) works hard day in day out because we're inspired to do so by the contagious energy, idealism and compassion of our young people who want to change our world for the better.

Over the past decade, the population in our city has grown twice as fast as the England average, with the biggest increase concentrated in the inner city. Our status as an affluent city disguises a deep problem at out heart – that we have some deprivation ‘hot spots’ (amongst the most deprived areas in the country) situated adjacent to some of the least deprived understandably causes issues around community cohesion. This is a major concern for the young people at Envision, many of whom have set up projects to tackle social mobility, celebrate cultural diversity and enable intergeneration engagement. 

Many of our young people are inspired to be living in Europe's Green Capital and several of our teams have developed projects ranging from sustainable water usage, to recycling old clothes to make fashionable shopping bags.


Straight jacketed by an educational policy framework that focuses almost entirely on academic attainment, our schools have to focus their stretched resources on raising attainment.   I am privileged to have the opportunity to be able to harness wider resources in the city, particularly from local businesses, to support our schools and ensure that young people also have an opportunity to develop the personal qualities they need to succeed in work and life, from collaboration to resilience.  I have met so many people who appear to be passionate about the need for character education and it’s an honour to work with those who want to act on that belief themselves and do something to make a real difference.


If you share this belief and want to make a difference I'd love to hear from you.  Please get in touch with me, Ben Harding, on 0117 2443545 or at ben.harding@envision.org.uk