Who's involved?

This year a wide range of local organisations are engaged in delivering over 400 ‘community-apprenticeships’ for young people drawn from across Birmingham.  Together they're helping young people to develop the skills they need to make a success of their own lives through a practical learning experience which also helps them to develop into tomorrow’s community leaders and change makers.


Firstly, there are our 15 school partners who are providing us with the physical space necessary to run our programme.  As places are becoming increasingly over-subscribed, they are also helping us to identify those individuals who are most likely to benefit from the experience. We have many more schools who want to work with us next year, but first we need to secure the resources to enable this to happen.

Then there’s the inspiring local charities and community organisations who help us to raise young people’s awareness and understanding of the social problems in our city. These partners are instrumental in bringing issues to life, giving projects purpose and inspiring our young people in their quests to make an impact.

Next up there’s our wonderful  assistant coach volunteers who each give up their time on a regular weekly basis to mentor a team of young people.  Thanks guys, we really couldn’t do it without you.

Last, but certainly not least, are the enlightened companies who want to support schools to provide an educational experience relevant to the modern workplace. As well as providing us with much needed funds, our corporate partners are providing volunteers who act as business mentors that support young people through the programme, helping them reflect on their experiences and recognise the value of the skills and qualities they are developing to the workplace. 

“Developing young people’s prospects is at the heart of what we do. Community-Apprentice provides Interserve with the opportunity to get directly involved in helping young people to develop the qualities they need to achieve their potential. This provides a learning pathway to support young people’s ambitions and enthusiasm to excel in making the community a better place” - Ross Mather, Strategic Director, Interserve.