We did this together, what can you do?

Birmingham people come together to promote community cohesion in the city


Across Birmingham, young people are doing incredible things to improve the communities they live in.

Here at Envision, we believe playing an active role in society is more important than ever. Not only does it make a huge difference to those around us, it can also help you gain vital skills for your CV and beyond – such as confidence, determination and teamwork.  

It's great to get involved with my local community. It's fun, inspirational and gives you a chance to be a part of something positive."

Envision grad

'We did this together' is all about celebrating the young people who have stepped up to make a difference in their home city. Like Devan – a volunteer champion at the charity Street Teams; and Kam – who completed our very own Community-Apprentice programme and lead a social action campaign to tackle youth loneliness in the city.

So.. what can you do?

There are countless ways you can make a difference in Birmingham, whether that’s volunteering at a local charity, campaigning on a social issue you care about or even just looking out for a friend going through a difficult time. 

To find out about opportunities in your area, visit https://do-it.org and sign up today! 

Envision's Community-Apprentice programme runs in schools in Birmingham, London and Bristol. To get your school involved, please ask a member of teaching staff to get in touch at birmingham@envision.org.uk.