A little bit about us


Birmingham has the largest youth population of all European cities and is also one of the most culturally diverse. There can be no better home for Envision, given the pool idealistic young people ready to give their energy and creative talents to improve the quality and richness of life in our city. 

In fact, in the past three years alone, Envision teams have reached 20,000 people via their projects, assemblies, workshops and events.

Over the years we’ve seen some interesting changes in the issues which concern young people in Birmingham. Unemployment, social mobility and opportunities for its young workforce are key concerns. However, with such a large and culturally diverse youth population, issues of community cohesion and dispelling some of the widely held stereotypes about young people are also high on the priority list for young people.

As well as giving young people the opportunity and support to tackle these issues the key role for the team at Envision and our fantastic volunteers is to ensure that our young people gain from these opportunities to enable their own personal development.

As the son of recently retired Head Teacher, I fully understand the pressure schools are under to deliver academic results.  I want to harness the resources within our city, particularly from local businesses, to support our schools to also enable young people to develop the personal qualities they need to secure a job and progress within their chosen career.

Every day I see that our Community-Apprentice achieving just that.  Of course it is great to have that independently verified by the results of our randomised control trial.

But it doesn’t stop there; we’ve got lots of exciting ideas for making it even better, such as an region wide campiagn to rebrand Brum for young people in the city.  The advantage of being a small team in an organisation committed to empowerment is that we can make things happen.  If you’d like to make them happen with us, please get in touch with me George Kearney-Bambridge on 01217727685 or at george.kb@envision.org.uk