Coming soon . . . Corporate Patrons Programme

To coincide with the launch of the next series of the TV show The Apprentice in the Autumn, Birmingham’s answer to ‘Lord Sugar’, Sir Albert Bore will be starting his search for another team of young people who can demonstrate to him that they have the qualities it takes to be a community change maker.

To help him find them, Sir Albert, Leader of Birmingham City Council, needs the input of at least 100 ‘Karen and Nicks’: personal advisors who can highlight young people’s competencies in the final Boardroom challenge of our inter-school competition.

These advisors will all be corporate volunteers drawn from companies who will be part of our new Corporate Patrons Programme.  The programme, to be launched in June, will be a club of 20 local companies united by a common desire to demonstrate their commitment to supporting local schools to prepare young people for work.  At the same time they’ll also be enabling grassroots action to tackle social problems and help to make Birmingham a great city.

In a letter to business leaders accross Birmingham, Sir Albert wrote:

Community-Apprentice can only continue to run in Birmingham with the support of local businesses.  I urge you to pledge your support for our schools and young people and continue to provide valuable outcomes for our city’s future generation by signing up to become a Community-Apprentice partner from September. I will be hosting the Boardroom finals on 25th June and am looking forward to hearing who has signed up  to play their part.  I will also be supporting Envision to raise the profile of the competition in the year ahead, so that everyone is recognised for the contribution they make to this great initiative”. 


As well as contributing to our funding, our Corporate Patrons will be key delivery partners enabling young people to ‘land the learning’ through the experience of running their community projects. 

At key points within the ten-month programme they will welcome teams of ‘community-apprentices’ from their partner school into their offices to help them to reflect on their experiences and understand how the skills and qualities they are developing for their projects are relevant to the world of work.  Our corporate volunteers are like super-positive versions of Karen and Nick from the TV show the Apprentice, who affirm young people’s development and advocate for their team in Sir Albert’s boardroom.

To find out more get in touch with Envision’s Regional Manager, Cameron Nimmo at or 0121 772 7685.