Saima Yarrow


Saima Yarrow began her career in physical commodities trading in 2006.  During her time at Sempra and JP Morgan, she ran a European gas trading portfolio.  Most recently Saima set up and ran a liquefied natural gas trading business for a state-owned gas company.  By building an international portfolio Saima helped the country move towards cleaner fuels and away from a monopolist producer.  

Saima found Envision by chance in 2018 when a friend asked her what she was passionate about.  As a commodities trader and a mum there wasn’t much time to think about this question. But there was an answer, it was social mobility.  

Growing up on a council estate, being the first in her family to go to university then landing a job at an investment bank is a story that is familiar to some but uncommon to many.  During Saima’s university placement year she worked at Morgan Stanley however, it nearly didn’t happen.  When they called and offered an interview in 2001 Saima declined as she had never heard of them.  Fortunately, they were considerate enough to call back and explain who they were, and the potential opportunities.  

Being born to immigrant parents I was told every day how lucky I was that I got to go to school.  When my parents grew up in Kenya, females didn’t have a right to a full free education, which meant my mum was unable to finish school.  I grew up with the confidence that I could do anything and be anything if I put my mind to it and worked hard.  I know how lucky I have been to gain the opportunities I have had.  Through Envision I hope to help others in realising and achieving their potential.