Nick Nielsen


Nick was one of Envision’s Co-Founders, back in 2000. Rather naively, he wanted to make the biggest positive impact on the world he could and quickly recognised that he’d have a limited impact on his own. Hence it had to be about supporting others to change the world and so, Envision was born.

Over a decade on, these principles still form the basis of much of his activity. In 2010, he handed over his role as Envision’s director to become a trustee and went on to cause trouble in other sectors.

In 2008, he founded the social enterprise izwe, which aims to use technology to support citizens to be able to change the world around them and was awarded the first Ernest Shackleton Leadership Award.

Nick is currently a director of the Social Change Agency, pursuing a variety of start-up projects and behaviour change programmes. He also acts as an adviser to the UN, working on democracy in Turkey, as well as a recent facilitator for the Prime Minister's Special Commission on Social Action. Nick also delivers a range of leadership and communication training programmes. But one of his main passions remains the organisation that started the journey for him – Envision.

It has such an amazing culture, from the young people who participate, all the way to the volunteers and staff who make the whole thing happen. It's all about what is possible when people join together founded on the belief that, collaboratively, they can change the world. What I love, more than anything, is meeting up with young people who have taken part over the years and finding out the different impact the experience has had and all the amazing things they’re now doing to make the world a better place.