Niamh O'Connor

Key Stage 4 Programme Manager - London

Niamh joined us in September 2018 and is an Envision Coach working with KS4 programme.

She has always been passionate about young people, being inspired by them as they exceed their own expectations and develop into themselves. Niamh first got involved in working with young people when she was 14 and hasn’t looked back since – she’s undertaken various roles such as setting up an after-school art club whilst she was at university in Exeter (where she studied classics) or using her summers to work with young people at summer camps both in the US & UK.

She loves young people’s energy and how they make everyday different & loves the envision model as it is a way for them to use that energy for a social action cause that they are passionate and allowing young people to develop outside the classroom.

Something that you should know about Niamh is that she’s a huge country music fan, so when she’s not working with young people she’ll be looking out for the next Johnny Cash or Carrie Underwood.




The best thing about Envision is being able to work with young people and helping them to reach their untapped potential. Seeing them exceed their own expectations through something they are really passionate about makes it all worthwhile.