Ned Lewis

Key Stage 5 Programme Coordinator - Bristol

0117 244 3545

He’s woven a patchwork path leading him to this point in life; working for a social enterprise in London, a policy advisor in government, a cheese-maker in Bermondsey and, most recently, returning to his native Bristol to train and work as a primary school teacher. He’s notched up a Masters in Sustainable Development and a stint as a trans-continental cyclist to chuck into the mix.

He loves the limitless enthusiasm and possibility that young people bring to their thinking; something he believes a lot of adults could benefit from tuning into in their own lives! He enjoys seeing people reach their full potential and learn from new experiences; something he’ll have to do a lot of as he embarks on becoming a dad!

The best thing about working at Envision is being part of an organisation that gives young people the opportunity to be their best selves. It’s great delivering sessions designed to grow confidence, creativity and a belief in being able to effect change in their own lives and in their communities.