Naomi Amoatin

Key Stage 5 Envision Coach - London 

020 7096 1714

Naomi is an Envision Coach on the Key Stage Five programme. She began her role in August 2017 so is a new addition to the Envision family.

Before joining Envision Naomi volunteered for a year as a mentor in a primary school working with students who had special educational needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This experience sparked her interest in working with young people, particularly those from a lower socioeconomic background. Naomi believes that all young people should have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential within education, regardless of their background and believes that Envision also champions this message.

Naomi is passionate about seeing the growth and development of young people. This is one of the many reasons why she joined the Envision Team, her role as an Envision coach allows for her to see the personal growth and development of young people throughout the course of the programme.

Envision provides the opportunity for young people to explore and develop skills such as communication, team work and creativity which they will not be able to do in a normal classroom setting. The Community- Apprentice programme provides a unique experience which allows young people to be active members of their society and be a force for change in their local community!