Miriam Stevens

Key Stage 4 Envision Coach - Birmingham


0121 772 7685

Miriam is an Envision Coach in Birmingham and has been with Envision since August 2017, it’s not her first time associating with Envision though as Miriam completed the programme herself whilst at school.

Whilst completing her Master of Maths degree Miriam worked as a Maths Outreach Assistant, sharing interactive Maths puzzles with young people of varying ages. After this she returned to Birmingham, where despite working in various exciting roles always wanted to work with young people again. Therefore she jumped at the opportunity to apply for Envision Coach.

Miriam is a keen runner and when not racing herself can often be found volunteering with her blue pompoms and a cowbell! In addition to co-hosting run chats on twitter and volunteering at parkrun, Miriam is extremely passionate about community, and volunteers with a number of groups and charities throughout the city.

The best thing about Envision is how much everyone who works here cares about creating change-makers! I’ve been loving my Envision journey and giving young people a true voice in society - seeing them develop their skills in front of my own eyes is astonishing."