Michelle Bailey

Key Stage 4 Senior Envision Coach - Bristol

0117 244 3545


Michelle became a KS4 Envision Coach in August 2017, and a Senior Envision Coach in the summer of 2018, but this wasn't the start of her Envision journey. She had previously volunteered as a KS5 Assistant Coach and found the role deeply inspiring.

Before she joined Envision Michelle spent two years travelling in Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and Tonga. Voluntary work undertaken during this time gave her the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with young people in inspiring and creative environments.

Creativity is at the heart of most things Michelle has achieved throughout her life, she believes that inspiring imagination and vision in young people is an excellent way to develop confidence and self-expression.  Since gaining her degree in illustration, photography and contemporary art she has continued down a creative path, be it through theatrical makeup, set design, drawing or sign writing.

I didn't realise how significant and rewarding being part of Envision would be and I can whole heartedly say that seeing the happiness, confidence and gratitude for what can be achieved through being a community apprentice is especially rewarding and fulfilling for all involved. Envisions belief in Young people’s power to make a positive impact within the community and their own future is very exciting.''