Hannah Seekings

Key Stage 4 Envision Coach - London


020 7096 1714

Hannah joined the Envision team in August 2018 as a KS4 Envision Coach. She loves supporting and encouraging young people, championing them to make a positive change. Before working at Envision, Hannah studied politics in Sheffield, which she loved. She has always been passionate about social action & social justice, and loves how Envision enables young people to do this too whilst also being inputted into by business mentors! Hannah is passionate about people and believes that everyone should be given a chance to achieve what they want in life, regardless of background & loves that this is at the heart of Envision.


On a Saturday morning Hannah can be found taking part in Parkrun. She loves travelling, discovering new coffee shops and meeting up with friends. Whether she’s taking a walk in the Cambridge countryside, cycling through the busy streets of London, or catching a train to Sheffield, Hannah always finds a way to explore new places!


Envision is wonderful, I love seeing the journey that the young people go on, how their confidence and aspiration grows. The combination of buisness mentoring and social action projects just works!