Ben Hobkinson


Ben has spent his 15 year career in Finance, Technology Sales and Leadership. Having worked at both Tech Start-ups and Large Blue Chip companies, he currently leads the UK&I team serving global technology clients for mid-sized Forrester Research Inc.  a technology research, consulting and advisory business. 

As a Trustee of Envision Ben brings a passion and wealth of leadership experience in developing people and high performance teams to deliver strategic growth in times of significant change and transformation. 

Ben is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Managers and a Coach & Mentor to several private clients so his passion for growth & development goes well beyond his day job.   

Ben supported Envision for a number of years before joining as a trustee as he believes passionately in nurturing the potential in the often unrecognised and un-nurtured young people whom Envision supports. 

Ben has three young children and has been married for 10 years. His hobbies and interests include Rugby, Golf and he’s a budding Astronomer too. He’s also a bit of a “Trekky” stating that his “If I could have Dinner with one fictional charachter” answer is “Captain Jean Luc Picard”. 


If we are to solve some of the world most significant challenges in the future, we will need a huge diversity of thought, feeling and action from our young people from every-walk of life. The sad fact is, young people from dis-advantaged backgrounds are disproportionately discounted from this vision by virtue of where they were born and the opportunities they receive.

It fills me with hope and humility to see these young people develop their confidence, self-belief and self-efficacy in such a short space of time, often against deeply challenging social or personal circumstances. To witness the impact it has on their ability to see the potential in themselves and the opportunity around them that lay previously undiscovered; well that’s nothing short of life affirming for all involved