Alastair Spray

Key Stage 5 Programme Coordinator - London

020 7096 1714

Alastair joined the team in London in August 2018 and is a Key Stage 5 Programme Coordinator alongside Ben Redhead.

Alastair loves exploring new places and is always up for an adventure. This led him to working as an English teacher in Honduras for a year and being part of a social action project in El Salvador. These experiences combined with running a youth group in his native Scotland have left him a believer that getting young people engaged in social action projects has wide-reaching benefits for everyone involved.

Alastair has developed a passion for working directly with people, empowering them and supporting them on their journey. He loves that at young people are at the heart of Envision and loves seeing the impact and change that Envision can have in young people’s lives.




I wish my school had run Envision's Community-Apprentice competition when I was sixteen! I’m really excited to see how the teams’ social action projects develop as well as seeing how the participants personal development comes along too.