Equity, Diversity and Inclusion




At Envision we are proud of the work we do to develop the confidence and skills of young people through engaging them in community issues that matter to them. One topic that matters to us, as much as the young people we work with and support, is Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). 

Like many organisations, over the past year we have begun to open up conversations and reflect on who we want to be as a charity, an employer and as role models for all the young people we support. We have reflected on our own practices, policies and culture, and are making a commitment to be open and honest about our work, successes, and areas we need to focus on.  

Alongside our 3-year growth and impact strategy, we have launched our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy which sets out our headline goals over the coming years. Our EDI Strategy sets out our commitment, vision and ambition to do more to create an inclusive workplace and society 

Underpinning this strategy is a clear action plan being carried forward by our internal EDI Working Group and our Impact and Strategy Board Sub Committee. EDI is now at the forefront of our conversations on the big and small decisions that are driving change over the coming years. 

Over the coming years we will build a fit for purpose organisation, with focus on diversity and inclusion, which will support our goals. We believe: 

  • We will be a stronger organisation, because greater diversity unlocks better decision making and ultimately better performance.  
  • We will be better able to deliver our mission, because we are more representative of the young people we serve and the challenges they face. 
  • We will be in a better position to grow and support more young people by being an authentic voice within the sector and driving forward change 

Each year we will publish a report on our progress, successes, and learnings within this space. We can’t wait to share this with you… watch this space! 

To find out more please read our EDI Strategy 21-24 

Our baseline and progress reports can be found below:

For more information please contact Katie.Booth@envision.org.uk