About Us

Introducing our extended family . . .

We bring together local businesses, schools, charities and volunteers to provide a practical learning experience which enables young people to develop the skills they need to succeed in work and life. In return, young people invest their time in developing projects which give back to the community.

Our primary programme Community-Apprentice, loosely based on the TV series The Apprentice, requires teams of young people to develop, and critically evidence, the skills most valued by employers whilst managing their own projects.

The programme, which has been developed through 15 years experience working with schools has been proven, in a rigorous randomised control trial, to develop some of the most critical skills for work and adulthood. 

Envision gives young people the tools they need to make the changes they want to see in their communities. - David Cameron, Big Society Awards 2013

We currently deliver the programme in 35 secondary schools across three cities: Brimingham, Bristol and London and have a clear plan to more than double our reach by 2019.

Our approach combines the idealism of young people with the realism and experience of adult volunteers. It is delivered in schools by recent graduates who provide inspiring role models.  They are supported by community and business volunteers who coach and mentor young people helping them to set achievable goals and overcome problems to turn their ideas into reality.