Kitty Sadler

Envision Co-ordinator - Birmingham

0121 772 7685

Kitty is a big believer that young people are the key to social change. This belief has even taken her across the Atlantic - she went over to California on a quest for innovative education methods!

A former political philosophy student, Kitty wants to equip young people with the analytical skills to question the status quo. She’s interested in how social issues can be explored through critical engagement with contemporary culture - which often translates into shouting at the TV!

Kitty feels that young people can and should critically engage with theoretical concepts that are often thought to be too ‘abstract’ or ‘complex’. This view was reinforced when she worked for the National Citizen Service and spent time volunteering at a free school.

As well as all this, Kitty also believes that a measure of silliness is extremely important! In her role as an Envision Co-ordinator, she expertly balances humour and hard work.

Compassion runs through all of Envision’s work. Not only does it motivate positive and meaningful social action, but it allows young people to take to control of their own growth. I find the warm, upbeat atmosphere at Envision completely infectious!"