Keshav Bhatt


Keshav first became involved with Envision as a 16 year old Handsworth Grammar student in Birmingham. His Envision team delivered a project to tackle the litter problem and reduce anti-social behaviour in their local park as well as taking part in a ‘sleep out’ to raise awareness of local homelessness charity St Basils.

Inspired by his Envision experience Keshav has continued to seize every opportunity he can to continue making a difference in his community and the lives of others. As a student he volunteered as mentor and coach to younger students, acted as an Ambassador for Aim Higher and became a board member for the University of the First Age, helping to increase the voice of young people.

He was elected Vice President of the Asian Society at the University of Reading and last year he joined Skillshare International as part of the International Citizen Service initiative.

Keshav is passionate about seeing other young people empowered in the same way he has been and has been actively involved with a number of youth organisations. Earlier this year he completed the Upriser leadership programme and took part in the Active Citizen programme run by the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services.

Keshav now runs his own organisation called Revolution Hive to help create the next generation of  social reformers and help to nurture those who are able to think independently and challenge inequalities in society.

The first time anybody ever actually asked me, what do you want to change?' was when Envision came into my school in 2007. It was a sobering moment. There's nothing more exciting than being asked, 'what do you want to change?' and being given a blank piece of paper to plan it on. Thank you Envision for investing in me, a young self-doubting dreamer at school in Handsworth.