Hazel Imrie

Envision Co-ordinator - Birmingham


0121 772 7685

Hazel is a big believer in creating an environment that brings out young people’s passion and ideas. With a background in drama and music, she is brilliant at identifying creative ways to do exactly that!

She is also a hugely dedicated volunteer, and engaged with tons of voluntary work before joining us at Envision. As a Law Student at Leeds University, she mentored A-Level students considering a legal education. She also volunteered for the charity Nightline, providing a listening and information service to other students.

In her final year of uni, Hazel worked to increase staff and student engagement with Leeds University’s Personal Development Platform. During this time she acted as an advocate for student views on academic and co-curricular support.

Every day I continue to be inspired by the countless ways that young people have made a real impact. Envision celebrates social action and embraces personal development in a really fun, unique way that I am so proud to be a part of.”