Emma Tinkerbell

Envision Co-ordinator - Bristol



0117 315 5113


Emma, or Tinks as she is more commonly known, moved to Bristol from County Durham at the tender age of 18 with a background in Art and English Literature.  She has spent the last few years  making a second family for herself, whilst trying her hand at many jobs, from running children’s craft workshops and being a nanny to karaoke DJ extraordinaire!


Tinks’ first experience with Envision was her year spent volunteering as a team mentor.  The amazing, inspirational and, often, hilarious young people she worked with made her realise that volunteering with this wonderful charity was simply not enough!   Tinks has a keen interest in the education system and in particular what it does for students as individuals; she is determined to empower the youth of Bristol, one young person at a time!

Envision gives young people the opportunity to stand up for what they believe in whilst building on invaluable skills.  Giving ownership and responsibility to young people whilst celebrating their individuality is hugely important, this is what Envision does, we encourage young people to create their own destiny."