Darshna Solanki

Programmes Manager - Birmingham


0121 772 7685

Darshna oversees the programme delivery in Birmingham, recruiting and liaising with all of the schools and colleges. As the volunteer manager she is responsible for training and developing Birmingham’s volunteers. She also delivers a range of off-timetable citizenships days and workshops on topics, including community cohesion, global citizenship, sustainability and Votes at 16.

Darshna has 12 years of experience of youth and community development work, with a broad range of experiences, including working with young people with disabilities in the education sector, engaging refugees and asylum seekers with arts, supporting young people facing homelessness and delivering leadership training to young people. 

She has a Masters in International Development and carried out a dissertation on young people as catalysts for peace in Cambodia, gaining further knowledge of how to empower and engage young people. In addition to this she has volunteered with VSO, where she really enjoyed working around the issue of peace and raising awareness amongst different communities in the Philippines. 

It’s a mixture of experiences that she brings to Envision to inspire young people to develop their own social action project and to engage their communities.

It’s really inspiring working with young people and seeing them make a difference. Young people are the current and future leaders, they are articulate, caring, vibrant, fun and enthusiastic. The best thing is when the young people realise they do have the potential to make a difference and they feel empowered.