Alessandra Berti

Envision Co-ordinator - Bristol

0117 315 5113

Alessandra is our only trinational Envision Co-ordinator – she’s Swiss, German and English, and was born and raised in Zurich.

An undergraduate degree in Politics and Philosophy brought her over to Bristol, where she threw herself into university life, working for two years as the Vice President of Welfare and Equality.

Issues Alessandra are especially passionate about include gender equality and recycling. In her spare time, she volunteers for a women’s sexual violence helpline and she’s also an enthusiastic chef.

If she wasn’t working for Envision in Bristol, Alessandra might want to live in Sweden. Their progressive politics (and a recent moose safari holiday!) were what sealed the deal. 

What I look most forward to is working with young people and learning about the issues that they most care about whilst helping them develop their ideas into impactful realities.”